About us


A project of Safersurfing


  • seeks a safe internet, wants to inform parents and protect kids and teens from pornografy on the internet

  • approaches all, who have already become addicted to pornografy, offering help and consulting by providing life stories, contact infos of counselers and selfhelpgroups

  • is devoted to wifes, who suffer from the addiction of their partners, and provide them information, advice and support.

  • wants to have a sociopolitical effect and sensitize politicians, educators, doctors, journalists and interest groups for this topic

  • is independent of political or oeconomical partys and churches

Safersurfing Team
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Our speaking engagements

We are ambitious to be in the field and be adressable. Gladly our speakers will visit parents, teachers, padagoges and all, who are interested in our topics. Let us know today when you want to invite us.

+43 1 6091528


In total we had until today 42.000 participants of workshops and reatreats becoming constantly more.

Our References

The Office Team

Phil Executive Director & Founder
Karima Senior Administrator
Barbara Multimedia Manager
Katharina Communications Manager
Sonja Administrative Assistant

… and 40 more staff from D, SK, NL, A and CH.


Our Team is gladly at your service on Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 13:00.

Call us +43 1 6091528.


The Assignment of LOVE IS MORE

LOVE IS MORE ist Teil des Vereins Safersurfing mit dem Ziel, Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene vor Sucht fördernden Inhalten im Internet zu schützen. Unsere Mission ist es, auf die Gefahren von Pornografie hinzuweisen sowie Abhängigen und ihren Partnerinnen Unterstützung anzubieten.

Dazu bieten wir einerseits Hilfestellung in Form von Beratungsstellen und Selbsthilfegruppen in allen deutschsprachigen Ländern für Betroffene und ihre Partnerinnen an.

Ebenso wenden wir uns an Eltern, Lehrer und Pädagogen, um diese aufzuklären und zu informieren.

Our Assignment: Help with pornografy addiction

●  Consulting
●  Providing information on selfhelpgroups
●  Testimonies and Life stories
●  Online course

Our Assignment: Help for Partners

●  Information
●  Life stories and testimonies
●  Providing Information on counselors
●  Providing Information on selfhelpgroups
●  Online course

Our Assignment: Inform Parents

●  Information: How can I protect my child?
●  Teaching: Warning signals and idications für parents
●  Practical advice: communication with Kids and Teens, Information on current technology (Smartphones, Filter software, etc.)

Our Assignment: Work with selfhelpgroups (SHGs) and counselors

●  SHGs in Austria
●  SHGs inGermany
●  SHGs in Switzerland
●  SHG in north Italy
●  Possibility to found a new SHG

Our Assignment: Inform Teachers and Padagoges

●  Information & Teaching
●  Experiential reports
●  The influence of the internet on teenage sexuality
●  Protection of Kids and Teens: Possibilities & Boundaries
●  Smartphones & Co – Challenge for pupils, parents and teachers
●  Preventive Materials and Support