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As parents we are responsible for the safety of our children. New technology is same opportunity and risk. Since potentially jeopardizing contents are so easily reachable on the internet it is the parents, who are to prepare and protect their kids for eventual risks.

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When is the right age for sex education?

Sex education should be ongoing and age-appropriate. Right from the beginning treat the body and sexuality naturally and without shame.
Mostly there is a point when kids stumble over the question where babys come from. Don’t use excuses but freely tell them it has to do with mum and dad. Kids go on with questions from there. As far as the ask, this far explain directly. Don’t ever make fun of their questions!

Kids should learn to set boundaries and to keep boundaries of others. Here parents are the role model. For exemple sooner or later kids want noone to watch them when they change. Support that and avoid inappropriate comments.

What are locations, opportunities that I should specially pay attention to?

Rather forbid a visit to or sleep over at harldy known people once more, than thoughtlessly giving permission. Get to know the friends of your children, maybe somthing comes up that you don’t think of.

With teens appeal to reasen and hand over more and more responsibility to them.

How can I talk to my child without it getting awkward?

Easy speach, age-appropriate, with understandable examples,  without circumlocution, without making fun of it and without feeling awkward yourself.


How can I best support and protect my child?

It is important for your child to know how it’s own and the other genders developement progresses. Sex education does not only include knowledge about the procedure of sex. Also changes of the body like beard grew, axillary hair, pubic hair, bosom, menstruation, ejaculation etc. should be discussed.

Also it is necessary to talk with your child about what it might be confronted with – for exemple pleasant and unpleasant touches, good and bad secrets, pornografy…

If I talk to my child too early about porn, don’t I give my daughter/son any ideas?

No. If a child is confronted with pornografy in any form not knowing, what’s going on there, it possibly keeps silent, carrying this secret ful of shame. That can put a lot of pressure on a child.

How can I protect my child without destroying the trust between us?

As an adult I am responsible for the wellfare of my child. Kids don’t like every decision of parents, that’s made for their good. You can tell them like that, even if teenager don’t enjoy listening to it. That’s how you can show them an Internet-Filter is installed not to annoy your child but out of love.

It will be easier for your child to accept a filter software, if you explain using it for your own protection as well. Even for adults using the internet without annoying pop-ups and without accidentaly stumbling over porn is more convenient.

Why talk to my child about porn? There is no such thing in our house and we pay close attention what our child is allowed to watch on TV.

Is my child going to come across Porn? Sadly there is no such question any more. The question remaining is: When will it happen?
From the time on, when a child or it’s peers has free internet access, it will sooner or later come in touch with pornografic contents.

We currently recieve numerous requests from primary schools, how to deal with it.

Any smartphone offers the opportunity to see anything. Mostly kids don’t actively search for pornografic contents, but then find stuff, the parents would have never believed possible.

I failed taIking with my child in time and now realized my daughter/son surfes on porn websites.

Take courage and use clear speach, even if she/he obviously doesn’t want to listen. As mother or father tell of your own experiences. Even if there might not be any change visible – we have recieved numerous reports, of children asking for their parents advice 2 to 3 years later. Your words get stuck.

Provide a confidant for your child. Find someone trustworthy outside the nuclear family (uncle, aunt, friends of family, youth group leader…) your child can pour it’s heart out on.

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