A life without pornography is possible

God has given us sexuality as a gift to enjoy it and to enrichen our love realtionships. Pornografy perverts this gift and has a destructive influence on our life and our relationships. Kids and Teens are very young and often unintentional confronted with pornografic contents on the internet.


For safe internet use. Prevent and protect our kids and teens of porn on the internet.


Counseling and help for those addicted to porn and looking for a way out.


Information, coundeling and support for partners of those addicted to porn.

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What To Do in the Battle Against Sexual Sin

Mold thrives in hidden, dark places; it feeds on rotting organic matter, and does best in a lukewarm environment. Like mold, lust grows strong when it’s hidden; it thrives in the darkness and feeds off of a lukewarm heart, rotting it out over time.

Sexual Sobriety Isn’t Enough

It was late fall, 1998. I’d gone on a business trip and binged on porn movies in the hotel rooms, again, albeit without masturbating. Even though I hadn’t had self-sex, the images, filth and shame flowing through me were no less intense.

Leadership and Pornography

Have you ever wondered how half of our pastors could have a porn problem, as the statistics show? Our country is packed with seminaries and Bible colleges led by devoted and gifted scholars, yet many of our ministry leaders are masturbating to pornography.

Winning the War in the Mind

We know we need to live with a pure mind, the hard question is, how do we cleanse our mind and deal with sexual temptation while living in Porno Land? And what do we do with our fallen flesh, which loves to lust?

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