Carl’s Story

Men, here are the facts: 1. We all love to look at nude women. 2. We have all looked at nude women. 3. We all know where we can find pictures of nude women.

Linda’s story

I have lost so much because of sexual lust and pride. If you're struggling with sex addiction, please don't believe the lie that your lust isn't hurting anyone else. Please don't think you can beat this thing yourself. Please don't be afraid to be vulnerable with others, to tell the whole truth to someone who can help because he has been there.


It started with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ at an early age. However there were some problems in our family which included sexual abuse, and I learned to cope by using sex for comfort and love.


”What I don’t want to do, that I do”- I can identify with this verse all too well. As a youth group leader, I came across really well to many people and at the same time, for ten years, I had been consuming porn, sometimes until late in the night.


I was caught up in pornography from the time that I was 10 years old until I was 36. It developed into a massive addiction after I discovered internet-pornography and it consumed most of my free- time.

Pornography – An issue only for men?

I accidentally fell into the trap of pornography when I was 12 years old and at the stage when most teenagers usually experience inner turmoil! In my innocence, not knowing all that was involved, at first I was shocked and at the same time fascinated by what I found on this subject, I felt a pleasant sensation within which filled me with shame at the same time.

My sexual drive arose early

My sexual drive arose at a very early age and became my comfort and fulfilment. As I was born in 1953 my parents were already divorced. Alcohol and my father's adultery were the constant companions in our family.

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