• Put PC / TV in a frequented room

  • Use Internet filters

  • Choose TV movies intentionally, no ‘zapping’

  • Limit your TV consumption (only with others)

  • Make a film check on www.kids-in-mind.com

  • Cancel Cable / Satellite TV / Pay TV

  • Put photos of the family on the TV / PC monitor

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • TV / PC: password-protected access via partner / parents

  • Talk openly about things, without details!

  • Accountability Partners

  • Meet a friend regularly – Pray & Exchange

  • Start a  men’s or women’s breakfast

  • Pastors could work in joint offices

  • Maintain supporting relationships

  • Keep a diary

  • Maintain relationship with God and eat “spiritual food”

  • Create a list of personal weaknesses

  • Go to bed in good time, especially when one is tired

  • Look for fellowship when you feel lonely

  • Find activities that divert your thoughts when you are bored

  • Decide to do something as the thoughts come – not when it’s too late

  • Be relaxed and laid-back

  • Prepare yourself for “difficult” situations / places

  • Get out in the fresh air for times of  recuperation, vacation/holidays

  • Learn essential facts about sex / body

  • Physical compensation for work (hobbies, leisure activities, sports, exercise)

  • Eat regularly and healthy

  • Do not feed lust

  • In emergencies “run” – change your location immediately

  • Be aware of your perception and thoughts

  • Be aware of the consequences of the “afterwards”

  • Confess your problem to God

  • Be aware of the victims behind the scenes e.g. porn actors

  • Go to bed at the same time as your spouse

  • Work on your marriage (conversation, romance, tenderness)

  • Ask your wife to cancel mail-order catalogue subscriptions

  • Give your partner the antenna cable / PC / modem

  • Cancel  bulk mail

  • Do not leave children alone with TV / PC

Business Trips

  • Ask the reception to switch off the Blue movies

  • Put a family photo on the TV

  • Pray & call spouse in the evening

  • Choose a room without TV


Addiction has something to do with seeking something and this is the place to start … there is often a large vacuum, especially through a deficit of love, acceptance, appreciation, etc… These are basic human needs apart from the need for food.

Here, of course, the issue of God comes into play, meaning love, which has an origin and really fills, so we should approach God without fear, seek an intimate relationship with him, talk with him as a good father … you can talk about everything with him being totally honest – the vacuum will be filled with his love …

Here we have to start with the vacuum. Discover where there is a vacuum in your life, what are the times, situations or places where you are weak and check out “unsatisfactory virtual sex”. We are like vacuum cleaners and suck up dust which does not taste good and does not really satisfy. I have not tried to do this yet!

Typical areas where we are weak:

  • Lack of loving, genuine relationships

  • Non-processed feelings

  • Love omission / Blank

  • HALT from AA = Hungry Angry Lonely Tiredness

  • Boredom

  • Adventure

  • Mid-Life Crisis

  • Unemployment

  • Stress

  • Separation

  • Discouragement (personal failures, broken promises)

My so-called triggers were loneliness, disappointment and discouragement. It is important to know where each one is individually sensitive and “at risk” and to avoid these situations or to fill with good i.e. being among people, going to bed on time, etc …

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