Sexual Sobriety Isn’t Enough

It was late fall, 1998. I’d gone on a business trip and binged on porn movies in the hotel rooms, again, albeit without masturbating. Even though I hadn’t had self-sex, the images, filth and shame flowing through me were no less intense.

Leadership and Pornography

Have you ever wondered how half of our pastors could have a porn problem, as the statistics show? Our country is packed with seminaries and Bible colleges led by devoted and gifted scholars, yet many of our ministry leaders are masturbating to pornography.

Tips and Opportunities

My so-called triggers were loneliness, disappointment and discouragement. It is important to know where each one is individually sensitive and "at risk" and to avoid these situations or to fill with good i.e. being among people, going to bed on time, etc ...

Answer to sex addiction

Finding true freedom from sex addiction does not come from working programs, reading books, attending groups, counseling or Bible knowledge. These are valid and important tools God uses as a part of the healing process, but in of themselves they don’t set the struggler with sex addiction free.

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